New Release Management

Every title we have managed *in full* has made an Amazon Bestseller List within 24 hours of release. If you would like these results, you need to start working with us at least 3 months in advance (6 is preferred) and use our Full Package service.


Amazon Exposure Support $50 $25

We will walk you through loading your book to Amazon in a way that will get you the most exposure and best odds at making a kindle bestseller list. Alternately, we can load it for you.

Release Day Support $200 $100

We will spend your release day blasting your book to all of our social media sites and bookish contacts (over 100,000 contacts currently) with a goal of helping you achieve a kindle bestseller list. This service includes us getting up to 50 people to download your book; we will encourage them to consider leaving a review after they have read as well, but reviews are not guaranteed.

Twitter Release Party $40-$120

Our Twitter Release Parties are Fun and Mega Effective! Get your followers, our followers (100k and growing!), and new followers engaged with your hashtag on twitter. Everyone will wonder what the fuss is all about at #yourbook! We do our best to work special events, games, and questions around your book and brand. Party Pricing goes by length of party, from two hours to eight, and run on Eastern Standard Time. Not only do we host the party, but for the weeks leading up to the party, we gather a list of people interested in participating. It is recommended that authors offer prizes on the hour. This can range from copies of their book to gift cards and must be provided at the expense of the author.
2 Hour Party: $40
4 Hour Party: $70
8 Hour Party: $120


Full Package New Release Support $340-$445

This package includes all of the above packages PLUS weekly support (1 email per week + available for chat as scheduled for up to 1 hour per week). We cannot make any guarantees, but *to date* everyone who has engaged in this support from us (over a dozen authors) have made kindle bestseller lists within 24 hours of releasing their debut title. Please schedule this 3-6 months in advance. The earlier in advance, the more success your title will have!

w/2 hour Twitter Party: $340
w/4 hour Twitter Party: $370
w/ 8 hour Twitter Party: $445

*$200 deposit required at booking, balance due no later than one week prior to other services.


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