Editing Services

Content Editing

by Louise Caiola

Price: $0.01 per word $.007 per word

Louise Caiola has worked for two literary houses where among other things she honed her skills as manuscript adviser.

Louise has limited availability to new clients whose work falls within a certain criteria. She prefers to see the following: Contemporary, Mystery, New Adult, Young Adult, Literary Fiction, and Suspense. She brings hands-on experience coupled with formal training in the area of construction and revision of literary projects.

Overview: Provides explicit advice in the major areas of developmental weakness in story and character development. Suggestions given with regard to structural choices, placement of action, dialogue and backstory, and the juxtaposition of same to create a strong and intriguing storyline. Constructive and detailed feedback provided in the subjects of pacing, rhythmic flow, authenticity of voice, stylistic flaws, repetitive words, and removing excessive prose. Some adjustments in minor grammatical missteps in the areas of punctuation, spelling, and word choice. Offers one final analysis email and one-on-one interaction with Q & A upon completion of project.


Line Editing

by Rebecca Hamilton

Price: $0.01 per word $.007 per word

Credentials: Rebecca Hamilton has edited two traditionally published novels and thirteen indie bestsellers.

Rebecca accepts clients on a selective, limited basis. Her preferred genres are Paranormal (Fantasy, Mystery, Romance, and Horror), Literary Fiction, and Dystopian. She prefers Young Adult and New Adult categories. She edits according to the Chicago Manual of Style. Her edits focus on creative writing technique and execution as well as grammar and punctuation.

Overview: Offering suggestions to improve clarity, context, continuity, and flow. Critique on plot holes, logic flaws, clichés, info dumps, character/story inconsistencies. Fixing passive voice and inactive writing. Streamlining the prose to remove wordiness and overwriting. Deepening point of view through reducing filter words and resolving point of view slips. Polishing dialogue. Verb usage, Goal/Motivation/Conflict, word choice, enhancing description, strengthening voice. Support for figurative language; balancing narrative, dialogue, internal monologues, and description; themes, symbolism, and plot/scene structure. Follow up discussion to take place upon completion.

Copy-Editing & Proofreading

by Crystal Sosa

Price: $.005 per word

Credentials: Vetted via QBW Services Strict Copy Editing Success (Score: 93%)

Overview: This is a “last line of defense” level editing service, focusing on low-level grammar, punctuation, typos, missing words, and basically anything that might have been missed previously or new errors that may have arisen in the process of previous edits.

Evaluation Service

by Rebecca Hamilton

Price: $.005 per word or $30 per 10,000 words

Overview: Service will review what areas of writing/story need to be improved, with 1-3 examples of each “writing offense” and solutions to finding these problems and resolving these problems in your manuscript.



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