Book Blog Tours



Dear Readers and Bloggers,

We are looking for Readers and Bloggers to sign up with us to participate in blog tours and attend e-parties for chances to win free books, gift cards, and more! Please visit our Book Blog Tours > Sign Up to Host link if you would like to participate! Blog Tours are a great way to get free material and drive traffic and new readership to your website.

This is our promise to you: We will do our best to provide you with quality material to feature on your site. Being a blogger with us costs you nothing, and will not only be rewarding for the exposure but for the prizes as well! We include gift card prizes for all bloggers in each tour they participate in! We hope you’ll join in and give us the opportunity to bring great books to you, your blog, and the readership we hope to help make grow!


What is a book blog tour?

Book Blog Tours are a beneficial way for Bloggers and Authors to increase their reach. They drive more traffic to blogs and to the authors and their books. When a Blogger hosts a tour, it provides valuable content to their website for visitors to view. It also invites existing fans of the author to check out their site and perhaps subscribe to see future posts as well. As a benefit to the author, the current readers of the blog will be introduced to the author’s title, creating the potential to acquire new fans and make new sales. Giveaways, often included in blog tours, also help encourage increased following and traffic for both parties involved. As an added incentive to Bloggers, we also include a gift card giveaway incentive to be awarded to one of the participating bloggers on the tour.

Each stop on the virtual tour will include information about the book and author, however stops may also include interviews, guest posts, giveaways, reviews, or a combination thereof. Giveaway prizes can include (but are not limited to) copies of the book, bookmarks, gift cards, keychains, jewelry, or other gift ideas provided by the author or publisher. To arrange a blog tour, we send an email to the bloggers who have signed up for blog tour notifications for the genre and invite them to sign up for a particular book’s tour if they are interested.

We do not require our bloggers to review. Some bloggers may want to feature a book on their blog without review, while others may intend to review, but upon starting to read, realize the book is not a good match for them or their audience. In this event, they are given the option to switch to another type of post instead. We feel this in the best interest of all parties involved.

We are an up-and-coming service with limited blogs/participants at this time, though we have booked tours privately in the past with up to 30 stops per tour. We appreciate you giving us a chance to make you happy and help our company grow. Our goal is to provide quality content to our bloggers and an affordable and effective service to our authors.


Book Blog Tour Hosting Sign Up Form     |     Book Blog Tour Pricing Info For Authors


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