Welcome to Quality Book Works

Dear Readers and Bloggers,

We are looking for Readers and Bloggers to sign up with us to participate in blog tours and attend e-parties for chances to win free books, gift cards, and more! Please visit our Book Blog Tours > Sign Up to Host link if you would like to participate! Blog Tours are a great way to get free material and drive traffic and new readership to your website.

This is our promise to you: We will do our best to provide you with quality material to feature on your site. Being a blogger with us costs you nothing, and will not only be rewarding for the exposure but for the prizes as well! We include gift card prizes for all bloggers in each tour they participate in! We hope you’ll join in and give us the opportunity to bring great books to you, your blog, and the readership we hope to help make grow!


Dear Authors,

We’re a team of experienced editors, graphic designers, and marketing/social-media experts that have joined together to bring you affordable, top-quality books services you can trust. Our number one goal is to provide you not only exceptional services, but with results as well.

That said, we are focused on providing content to readers that they can trust. This means we never take on a title we don’t fully believe is ready to be sent into the world; that would be taking advantage of you and would be unfair to our bloggers and their readers. However, because we are a selective company, this allows us to put devoted attention into the titles we do represent. When you hire us, you will get the best of our time and efforts.

Because we are a new up-and-coming company in an already saturated business, we welcome you to enjoy our services at the discounted prices currently listed on the site. But one thing we can promise you: Even after we move to our full prices, you will continue to receive unparalleled services for an unbeatable price.


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