Fiction Writers Workshop – 10 Courses + Bonus Classes for $50 PLUS Pitch the Agent’s Assistant

Quality Book Works Writer’s Workshop


When: October 13th through 17th
Where: ONLINE via Private Forum
Cost: $50 (Participants will have access to ALL workshops and forums)

Max. Capacity is 100.  

The workshop will be live and active October 13th through 17th, but the forums will remain open for reading and review until November 1st.

10+ workshops for the price of 1!

Bestseller Secrets Part 1: Creating Dynamic Characters

This workshop includes a printable worksheet that can be used and reused for all your future projects. After reading the lesson posted to the forum, you will be able to workshop your character profiles for peer feedback. Rebecca Hamilton will be running and attending to this workshop and will be selecting samples from the thread for feedback and examples.

Bestseller Secrets Part 2: The Unputdownable Book

Tips on plot, chapter, scene, paragraph, and sentence structure to keep readers glued to the page. After reading the lesson posted to the forum, we will be focusing on some sentence-level revision techniques using samples submitted by the participants. This is your chance to see how some of this advice could be applied to your own work! We’ll allow people to submit their before and afters passages and you may receive peer critique as well as feedback from Rebecca Hamilton.

Bestseller Secrets Part 3: The First Five Pages (Advice, Writing Challenge, and Critique)

Here you will learn different techniques for writing a killer first sentence, how to make your first page SHINE, and invaluable data on what bestselling books all have in common. Your first paragraph will receive critique and recommendation from the attending workshop host, Rebecca Hamilton. There will be a “rewrite challenge” activity as well that you can participate in for peer feedback. 

How To Give Your Manuscript a Tummy Tuck to Avoid a Sagging Middle

Does your manuscript suffer from a saggy midsection? Are you unsure and wondering how to tell if it does? This course not only covers tips for discovering that saggy middle, but also techniques for giving it the tummy tuck it needs to be tight and engaging! Work-shopping activity will include sharing concerns and brainstorming solutions. Optionally, you can also share a plot outline using our suggested guidelines to get other tips and feedback for what to look out for and the best method for performing book surgery if your story needs it.

Pimp Your POV: Deepening POV and the real meaning of Show Don’t Tell

Are you about to rip your hair out at people telling you “Show Don’t Tell” without giving you a clear picture of what the hell that even means? Here you will learn the TRUE secrets to Show Don’t Tell, and how and when to make it work for you. Complete with revision support on any paragraph of writing of your choosing.

Tricky Punctuation and Grammar Rules with Tricks to Overcome Them

Common mistakes I see as an editor are confusion with certain grammar rules as well as with tricky punctuation, such comma usage, semi-colon usage, em-dash usage, and dialogue punctuation and capitalization rules. With this workshop, you will receive a one page edit for grammar and punctuation along with a downloadable reference sheet (complete with my favorite, easy-to-use resources!) to use as an editing checklist for all your current and future projects!

Finding Your Characters’ Voices and Making Them Sing

What shapes a character’s voice? This workshop delves in deep to discuss your characters personality, upbringing, region, and emotions to help you understand the connection with who they are and how they say what they say. You will receive a Voice Worksheet that can be used for current and future projects and the opportunity to discuss and share your ideas and passages from your own work for critique or example.

Taking Action Against Passive Writing

Are you tired of people critiquing you about your passive writing without seeming to understand it themselves? Are you looking for an explanation on passive writing that resonates? This workshop may be exactly what you need. Complete with printable advice on how to quickly find and spot-edit the passive writing in your manuscript and an opportunity to workshop your passages for peer review and critique from Rebecca Hamilton.

Upping the Ante, Raising the Stakes: Writing Conflict on Every Page

This workshop will teach you how to evaluate your own work and will include a challenge to all participants that they can post for feedback. Tips, tricks, and techniques will be included, along with advice for conflict ideas specific to the various scene types (dialogue, action, introspection, and more!)

Writing Description, and why it’s more important to plot and character than you think…

If description is just something you add to give the reader an idea of setting, you will want to take a peek here. This workshop focuses on how description is a part of all areas of writing. Plot. Character. Emotion. See how description works with all of these things, and also how to write stellar, unique description that will makes your world more believable without slowing the pace of your story. Say goodbye to cliches and get ready to give your reader some new visceral reactions by engaging all of their senses in a way that seeps character, story, and emotion into every word.

Pending Guest Workshops (More to Come–Check Back for Confirmation of these bonus workshops!)

  • Writing Emotion by Carole Lanham, a Bram Stoker Award Nominee and Amazon Top 100 Bestselling Author
  • Conquering the Erotic and Romantic Scenes…making those pages sizzle without leaving you burnt out! by Measha Stone (Bachelors in Creative Writing and graduated Summa Cumm Laude from Southern New Hampshire University in January of 2014). Does your writing come to a standstill when you get to the love scene? Do your fingers freeze over the keyboard when you go to write that sizzling, tantalizing tango? No worries! This workshop with help you get through it unscathed. I’ll go over some do’s and definitely don’ts of writing a steamy love scene. Not all sex scenes are explicit, that doesn’t mean they can’t still be hot! Mechanics, word choice, and voice (yours and your characters’!) will be covered. A mini critique will be offered!
  • Buried Dialogue with Lynnette Labelle. From Lynnette: Ever wonder why readers have complained about your story’s pacing? While there are many possible causes for slow pacing, one can be easily identified and … wait for it … easily fixed. What am I talking about? Buried dialogue aka hidden dialogue. Learn what this is, how to recognize it in your manuscript, and how to correct it. I’ll cover all of this with plenty of samples, including some samples from a handful of students. You read that right. You can submit some of your work, and I’ll randomly select samples to critique. But I won’t stop there. Nope. I can’t just critique the buried dialogue. Whatever I critique will get the full treatment. If you have action/reaction or show, don’t tell issues, I’ll find them. If you have flat dialogue or if your characters seem one-dimensional, I’ll let you know. If there are bits of bad choreography or point of view slips, I’ll flag those, too. I mean it. Anything that isn’t working will be marked. Consider yourself warned. Come on over. Take a peek at The Secrets of Buried Dialogue and see if you’re guilty of burying your dialogue. Lynnette Labelle is a freelance editor with over thirteen years of experience, including working with bestselling authors like Rebecca Hamilton and Roni Loren.

*If you are an author or editor with credentials interested in hosting an additional workshop, please contact theinkmuse [at] gmail [dot] com for more information.

BONUS: Pitch Your Novel
One Open Forum for Query Critique
One Forum for Pitching the TZLA agency (worldwide and film representation)

BONUS: Service Provider Forum 
(list your services for free in our service provider forum) — MUST offer a coupon or deal to the attending authors. This forum will also include a sticky with advice for authors on how to evaluate service care providers and another detailing the different types of editing and what to expect. There will be directions on how to properly post your service to the correct sub-forum.

BONUS: Critique Forum
Participants can post passages or book covers that meet our guidelines to the correct sub-forums for peer-to-peer critique.

In order to ensure that participants get the attention they deserve, limited spaces are available.

Sign ups will run from 8/24/14 to 10/7/14 or until sold out.

To Secure your Spot:

Step 1: Send payment to theinkmuse [at] gmail [dot] com

Step 2: Fill out the Google Form Below

You will be sent an email will access to the forum on 10/1 so you can look around and familiarize yourself with the set up or trouble shoot any Login problems if necessary with our support team. On the night before the workshop, you will receive another email reminding you of the event and website location.



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